What is Central Heating and Air Conditioning in Minneapolis

Heating and air conditioning keep many Minneapolis homes feeling comfortable throughout the year. There are a few kinds of heating and cooling systems with some of them being the same. There are pros and cons for each type of heating and air conditioning, but most homes use central furnaces and air conditioners. If you need an air conditioner or furnace, it’s great to look at all of your options.

Types of HVAC systems


Some places, like apartments or hotels, will often have window or room air conditioning units. While this is great for small spaces, it does not work well for homes. Fireplaces and space heaters are smaller heating units used in smaller places but are now less common for fire hazards.

Larger HVAC systems are more common in homes, but they can all seem very similar. The most common air conditioning is central air with an indoor and outdoor unit. However, there are also evaporative coolers, using cooled evaporative water in the air to cool your home, and ductless mini-splits, using different cooling units on each level. Learn more about ductless mini-splits on one of our previous blogs. For heating systems, there are boilers, heat pumps, and furnaces. Boilers and furnaces usually borrow the air conditioner’s vent system to contribute to central heating, but by itself, it is called a forced air system.

Central heating and air conditioning

It is called central heating and cooling because all the heated or cooled air comes from one place, usually the home’s basement, and then goes to the rest of the house. The centralized location helps air distribute evenly throughout the home. As mentioned earlier, central heating without the air ducts from your air conditioner is sometimes called forced air heating, but because they are used together to help save you money, the terms are interchangeable. Central heating and cooling is one of the most common HVAC systems for good reason. It’s a great balance of saving money, efficiency, and greater home comfort.

If you are looking into getting a HVAC system for your home, make sure to do your research or contact one of our technicians. We are happy to help you make the most of your home comfort.