Signs You Should Fix the Humidity In Your Minneapolis Home

As we get deeper into winter, it can be harder to maintain the correct levels of humidity in your home. Winter is dryer than the warmer months in Minneapolis, and both your home and family can be impacted by improper humidity levels. The damage can range from small and annoying to big problems that require expensive solutions. Make sure you watch for these symptoms and call a professional if needed.


Humidity can be a big determinant in whether or not you are comfortable at home. 30-50% humidity in the air of your home is the ideal amount for helping maintain your health and comfort. Are you consistently not sleeping well? Poor sleep is something that can be an indicator that your homes humidity is not where it should be. Too much or too little can affect how you sleep. Too much humidity can cause night sweats that are both annoying to wake up to and just uncomfortable. Too little humidity, like in winter, can lead to an extra dry respiratory system that can cause a rough irritated throat and coughing fits.

Another health sign you may have too much humidity in your home is constant sweating. If you find that you keep sweating in your home, even though the thermostat says that the temperature is correct, it may be time to check your homes humidity. It’s uncomfortable and sticky.

Humidity also plays a role in comfort, with humidity in the air you can actually feel warmer in your home than when it’s dry. Humidity is a good thing when at proper levels, but if it gets too high, problems can occur.

One last symptom can be difficulty catching your breath. Homes with high humidity can worsen asthma and exacerbate symptoms like chest tightness and wheezing. Homes with too little humidity can lead to dry coughs and irritated throats even while awake. it’s not just while you sleep that your air quality effects you. If you feel your health is critical with symptoms listed above please reach out to your family provider or call emergency services.


Your family’s health is not the only reason to check on your humidity this winter. Over correcting in winter to combat low humidity is common occurrence and can lead to a whole host of problems with your home. Too much moisture in the air can lead to condensation on the windows, wet spots on ceilings or walls, and even lead to musty smells. It can also lead to mildew and mold growth. Mold can make other health symptoms worse and can potentially be deadly. Mold can also weaken your homes structure and lead to a shortened lifespan for the house too. In addition to affecting the walls and ceilings, too much moisture on hardwood floors can lead the to warp and cause irreparable damage. Support beams and important structures made of wood can be similarly affected.

For your family’s safety and for the well being of your home, humidity is key. It can provide better comfort, better health, and a better home if kept at appropriate levels. If you think you humidity may not be where you want it, Twin City Heating, Air and Electric has the solutions! We can test the air for the proper levels, as well as checking for other particles that may be hazardous. We offer many affordable options to deal with problems that may pop up! Schedule your Air Quality/Humidity check today!