Why Does My Minneapolis Furnace Smell Like Smoke?

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There are still more cold days to come before summer hits Minneapolis. At this point in winter, heating isn’t just for comfort, but it’s also for your safety. If your furnace starts smelling like smoke, you will need to get it fixed right away. In most cases, calling a professional is recommended. However, if you want to get an idea of what is wrong, here are some of the most common issues that give off the smell of smoke.

Dirt or dust build up

Dirt and dust mostly build up when your furnace is not in use, so this most likely won’t be the problem in February. If a build up is happening in your furnace in February, it might be that something fell into your furnace, like plastic, that takes a while to burn. You will want to call an HVAC professional to get it out of your furnace. Foreign items in your furnace that burn could cause a fire in an area that isn’t supposed to be in your furnace, which could cause major damage.

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Clogged air filters

Changing your air filter is the only thing on this short list that you don’t have to call your HVAC technician to fix. While we do recommend that you give us a call to make sure that the problem was only with your air filter and not another part of your furnace. If you haven’t changed your air filter in over three months, there is a higher chance that this is your problem.

Overheating fans or wires

If there is an electrical issue with your furnace, the smell will have an electrical burn to it. It could either be the blower fans in your furnace or electrical wires creating a short. This is very dangerous to fix. Any electrical issues should be fixed by a professional. Check out electrical services to learn more about how our electrician can help keep you safe throughout this winter.

If you can smell smoke from your furnace, call Twin City Heating, Air and Electric to take care of your furnace issues. We’ll keep you and your family safe and warm throughout the winter.