How To Detect Furnace Humidifier Issues in Minneapolis

As the winter rages on in Minneapolis, it’s important to make sure you stay comfortable in your home. Your furnace humidifier is a large part of keeping your home comfortable, which is why it should always be working. If the air starts to get dry in your home, there might be something wrong with your humidifier.

Listen for the Click

When you turn on your furnace humidifier, there should be an audible click. This click is the solenoid valve, the valve that automatically controls the water flow from the main water line to the humidifier. If it doesn’t click, there are a couple of issues that the solenoid valve could have. One is that it is broken, so it just needs to be replaced. Another issue could be that the connection from the humidistat to the humidifier is broken. This is an electrical issue and should be handled by a professional. The third most common issue is mineral buildup. This can happen anywhere in your humidifier, and it would cause your solenoid valve to stop working if the buildup became too much.


Test the Water Supply

The water supply can be tested if you know how to take apart different parts of your furnace humidifier. When you disconnect the tube line connected to the humidifier with the solenoid valve open, some water should trickle out of the tube. If water does not come out at all with all the valves open, there could be a clog in the water supply. In that case, it is important to contact your HVAC technician or plumber to find the clog.

Check the Blades

The blades from your furnace also make a noise when the furnace humidifier, like a fan. If you don’t hear that noise, the blades might be bent, stuck, or clogged. Bent or broken fans should be replaced by a professional, but some stuck or clogged blades can be cleaned. It is recommended to call an HVAC professional in any case, but there are ways homeowners can clean it out themselves.

Check the Power

One simple problem with a simple solution is the power being disconnected. Check the power cable to see if it’s connected to your home’s electricity or if a breaker has been tripped. You can learn more about tripping breakers on our Electrician website to learn more about why it happens and what you can do to fix them.

Call Your HVAC Technician

The great thing about HVAC technicians is that they have the knowledge and tools to find the problem and fix it fast. That’s what they are there for! If you need more information, give our technicians a call to sort out any questions you have. We are happy to help keep your family safe and comfortable.