Do Air Purifiers Help Reduce Pollution in My Minneapolis Home?

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Spring is on the way to Minneapolis, and this usually means that the air will become more fresh with the blooming flowers and the new leaves. Unfortunately, the air might not be all that fresh. Pollution has only increased over the years, leading to poor air quality outside and in your home. The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) narrows down outdoor air pollution into six different pollutants: particulate matter, lead, nitrogen oxides, ozone at ground level, sulfur oxides, and carbon monoxide. These pollutants cause harm to most living things including humans, animals, and plants.


Increasing pollution

There have been great strides towards decreasing the amount of pollution people put into the air with the various laws and acts that ban or limit pollutants. The Clean Air Acts and environmental agencies formed around the world helped reduce the amount of pollution, but the downward trend didn’t last long. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2016 that approximately 4.6 million deaths annually could be attributed to the particulate matter in the air by both direct and indirect means. Overall pollution contributes to around 9 million deaths worldwide, which is 16% of all deaths, each year. That is why keeping the air clean is a major focus of many governments.

Types of purifiers

Purifiers can help reduce the amount of pollutants in the air of your home. There are three different types of humidifiers that can help with varying results. HEPA filtered air purifiers are great for filtering out particles in the air, but gas pollutants will pass through the filter. Carbon filters are air purifiers that use activated carbon to have the gas atoms to stick and get rid of gaseous pollution to turn it into oxygen. UV light purifiers are very similar to carbon in the result, but UV light uses light to break down the gasses in the air instead of sticking together. The HEPA and carbon/UV light filters used together can clean out the particles and the gaseous parts of the air.


Purifiers and pollution

Using purifiers to clean out the air in your home helps reduce the amount of pollution that goes into your home. Studies recorded in Medical News Today reported that air purifiers can help improve your air quality by up to 92% in homes. They also reported that air purifiers improved blood pressure and respiratory issues, even though they were inconsistent. Overall, there is a trend that shows how air purifiers can help improve the air in your home, making you and your family healthier.

If you are looking into getting an air purifier, give Twin City Heating, Air and Electric a call! We can help discuss the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of air purifier to find the best one for you.