Why Poor Indoor Air Quality Is Bad For Allergies In Minneapolis

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Allergies in Minneapolis are not fun to deal with. Spring brings a lot of pollen, dirt, and other particulates, and pollen is one of the most common allergens. With everything growing, those allergies are probably hitting allergy sufferers hard. Another issue that could make allergies worse is poor air quality.

What is air quality

Air quality is the measure of particles in the air that are harmful for people and animals to breathe. The Air Quality Index (AQI) was created in the U.S. in 1968 to monitor air pollutants outdoors. The more particles and chemical pollutants found in a specific area. These pollutants include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone at ground-level, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. While there are some natural pollutants, most outdoor pollutants come from cars, factory smoke, and industrial toxic gasses.


Indoor air quality

Even though outdoor pollutants are measured more frequently, indoor air pollutants should also be considered, especially for people with allergies. Indoor air pollutants can be up to five times more concentrated than outdoor air pollutants because of the lack of airflow. Indoor air quality can also be affected by different pollutants like smoking, scents, or even pet dander. Chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are other types of irritants that can come from new objects in your home. Paint, new furniture, cleaning supplies all have volatile compounds that can be equated to chemicals when checking air quality.

Air quality and allergies

Allergies and air pollutants do very similar things to a person’s nose, throat, and lungs. Already irritated sinuses from poor air quality can make allergy symptoms worse. Because indoor air quality can be more concentrated than outdoor air quality, it’s important to find solutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Air purifiers are a great way to significantly improve the indoor air. Check out our air purifiers to learn more about your options.

We spend most of our lives indoors, so indoor air quality is important, and easier, to fix. If you are concerned about your air quality, now is the time to get the air in your home checked. We at Twin City Heating, Air and Electric have a $44 tune up with air quality test special to check two things off your list easily. Give us a call to learn more.