Why You Should Get A Minneapolis Air Conditioner Tune-up Now

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Spring has sprung in Minneapolis, and the warmer weather is coming soon! We are very excited for the plants to bloom and to spend more time outdoors. While being outside is something we’ll all be doing more, we still can’t forget about taking care of our homes. Spring cleaning is great for your home, but you’ll also want to get a tune-up on your HVAC units, especially your air conditioner. It might seem like you should get a tune-up when you turn on your air conditioner, but there are many benefits to getting a tune-up around this time of year.

Easier start up

After being off all winter long, your air conditioner will have to go from being cold itself to cooling your home. A tune up can make that process smoother because the HVAC technician will be sure to check the coolant levels, the filter, evaporator, fan, thermostat, and everything else to make sure when you turn it on, it will work properly.


Avoid problems later

Small issues can turn into larger problems very quickly. Getting an air conditioner tune-up before you turn on your air conditioner will catch these issues quickly to be fixed. This is a great preventative measure that you can take to avoid larger issues from even starting, costing you more money to fix.

Increase efficiency

The efficiency of your air conditioner is directly linked to your energy costs to run it. Efficiency in air conditioners measures the amount of cool air used in your home compared to the amount of energy it takes to create it. In an ideal world, all of the energy would equate to cold air. Higher efficiency means it costs less to cool your home. Getting a tune-up before you turn on your air conditioner can help make those small adjustments you need to keep your efficiency closer to when your air conditioner was new.

Get an appointment quicker

Winter is the off season for most HVAC companies. This part of spring is at the very end of our off season, which is why this is the time to make your appointment. The longer you wait to make an appointment, the more full our schedule will be! Getting in early will help you stay on top of your home maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about our tune-ups, check out our 20-point A/C checklist or contact us. We are happy to help make sure your family stays healthy and comfortable all summer long. Make sure to ask us about our special for an air conditioner tune-up and indoor air quality check for only $44 when you make your appointment!