Why Does My Minneapolis Air Conditioner Have Ice On It?

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Ice in the summertime is very nice. Snow cones are amazing on a hot day, cooling you down from the inside out. However, it’s not always nice, especially when it involves your air conditioner. While it might seem like being cold as ice is good to keep your home cool, ice buildup on your air conditioner causes a lot of problems for your HVAC system. It can appear on your AC unit for several reasons, and you’ll want to get a solution right away.

Low refrigerant

The most common issue that causes ice on your air conditioner is low refrigerant, which will most likely happen from a leak. Low refrigerant releases pressure on your air conditioner, making it too cold on the evaporator coils and creating ice. The evaporator coils remove moisture in the air, as humidity increases heat, and will usually move the condensation to the drip pan. When ice forms on the coils, it will expand and damage the coils. Finding the leak, repairing it, and refilling the refrigerant should be done by a professional to make sure it is done safely.


Dirty coils or filters

Restricted air flow is another reason why ice will form on your air conditioner. If the evaporator coils are dirty, the air in the coils is not going fast enough to move the cold air through. Similar to low refrigerant, the condensation will freeze around the coils. A dirty air filter will also restrict the air flow enough to freeze the coils. Dirty air filters are an easy fix. Depending on which kind of air filter you use, all you have to do is clean or replace it. Dirty coils are a little more tricky and should be done by a professional.

Other failures

Mechanical failures with your HVAC system or electrical system can also lead to ice on your air conditioner. While it isn’t as common as the other issues, less power or other systems not working as well can decrease the air flow in the evaporator coils. These issues are difficult to fix and should be done by a professional to make sure it is safely done right the first time.

If your air conditioner isn’t doing what it should, give Twin City Heating, Air and Electric a call. We are happy to help repair your air conditioner to make sure you can have a cool and comfortable summer.