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boiler service in coon rapids mn

If you have a boiler, you probably expect it to work flawlessly for years to come. This is not always the case, however. Boilers can break down at any time and without warning. If this happens, you need to get the issue fixed immediately before it gets worse or causes further damage to your home’s heating system. While there are many different types of heating systems available today (from electric heaters to furnaces), most boilers consist of cast iron pipes that carry water from a water heater into radiators throughout your home or building. If your boiler isn’t working correctly, it will be difficult if not impossible for anyone else besides an HVAC professional with the right tools and experience in servicing these types of heating systems properly repair it themselves without risking more damage being done than necessary—or worse yet risking their own safety while attempting such repairs themselves without proper training or experience on how best make them safely when dealing with high voltage electricity present within most modern-day boilers. Read about if you need boiler service in Coon Rapids MN:

Boiler Not Working?

If you have a boiler that’s not working, don’t panic. It may just be that something simple needs to be fixed.

If your boiler isn’t producing any heat, check to see if the pilot light is lit. If it is, make sure there are no blockages in the flue pipe or chimney (you should have someone inspect it annually). If none of these factors apply and you still aren’t getting hot water or steam from your system, call an expert! Twin City Heating, Air and Electric is an HVAC company that can assess your boiler system and helps figure out why it is not working. We can help fix your boiler so you stay warm this winter. Call us for boiler service in Coon Rapids MN.

Boiler Continually Breaks Down?

Your boiler is a complicated piece of equipment. It can break down unexpectedly, or it can break down frequently. There are many things that can go wrong with your boiler, such as:

  • The pilot light has gone out and needs relighting
  • A sensor inside the air pressure release valve is faulty
  • A piece of debris has gotten into the burner assembly and caused it to malfunction

It’s likely that if you are experiencing frequent breakdowns in your system, there is something wrong with either one of these parts or another part of your system—and this may require professional assistance from outside professionals. A professional will know your system best and be able to figure out what is wrong and fix it. 

Get Regular Service from an HVAC Company

Regular service is essential to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. A professional HVAC company near Coon Rapids MN will come out to your home at least once a year to check that everything is working properly, inspect the system for any signs of damage, and make sure all parts are in good shape. They’ll also do routine maintenance like cleaning out dust and dirt from the ducts, replacing filters as needed, checking that all vents are clear of debris or obstructions (including animals), relighting pilot lights if necessary (or adjusting them if they’re not working properly), checking for leaks around pipes or fittings—and much more!

If you have an old boiler that hasn’t had annual maintenance in years (or hasn’t ever been serviced by anyone), you may need to replace it with a newer model that uses less energy while still providing excellent heating performance on demand. Otherwise, some components could fail intermittently over time until eventually malfunctioning entirely: we’ve seen cases where this has caused major damage not only to property but also people’s health because their homes were too cold without adequate heaters installed elsewhere within reachable distance–or worse yet–they had no heating system whatsoever!

In summary: get regular service from an HVAC company that specializes in servicing boilers so they can keep track of how often yours needs repairs/maintenance work done before something goes wrong unexpectedly causing much bigger problems down the line when trying to fix yourself which could cause serious injury if done incorrectly! Twin City Heating, Air and Electric is your local HVAC company that can help with boiler service in Coon Rapids MN

Other HVAC Services From an HVAC Company

In addition to servicing your boiler, there are a number of other HVAC services that an HVAC company can provide. Duct cleaning and air purification are two of the most common, but depending on your needs, you might also want to consider humidification or dehumidification.

Duct cleaning can help with allergies and asthma by removing dust mites and mold spores from your home’s ductwork. It’s also been shown to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy loss through leaks in the ducts themselves (though if this is a concern for you, make sure your chosen contractor has experience working with older systems).

Air purification systems are typically used in combination with heating and cooling units such as furnaces or boilers in order to keep indoor air clean by removing pollutants from household activities such as cooking or smoking cigarettes indoors—or even just from everyday living! This type of system works particularly well when paired with central heating systems since these tend not only to emit lots of emissions themselves but also bring them back into your home every time they turn on again after being shut off during winter months when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing point overnight.

A professional HVAC company will have the tools and expertise to service your boiler, install a new one or assist in other matters relating to your heating and/or cooling.

A professional HVAC company will have the tools and expertise to service your boiler, install a new one or assist in other matters relating to your heating and/or cooling. The company should have experience in servicing boilers from different manufacturers and models so that they can perform routine maintenance on your unit without issue. They may also be able to provide installation for a new boiler if it is needed.

A professional HVAC company will have the tools and expertise to service your boiler, install a new one or assist in other matters relating to your heating and/or cooling. Reach out to us today for all your HVAC needs. Twin City Heating, Air and Electric is your local company that can help with boiler service in Coon Rapids MN. We will make sure your home is ready for the winter and will keep you warm! Contact us today in Coon Rapids MN.

Boiler service in Coon Rapids MN 

Boiler service in Coon Rapids MN