Why is R22 refrigerant banned?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been phasing out the use of R22 refrigerant, or Freon, in an act that is phasing out products that are proven to deplete the ozone layer. By 2020, the production of R22 will be stopped in the US, which could cause problems for air conditioners made before 2010. Newer air conditioners use R410a refrigerant, an environmentally friendly option that might not be compatible for older air conditioners. With this change, the cost of adding Freon to older air conditioners will be expensive. Repairs and the new expense to Freon will build up quickly. In these cases, replacing your air conditioner to a newer model will be more cost efficient and lower your energy bills in the long run. Call Twin City Heating and Air for more questions, or schedule an appointment to replace your air conditioner this spring.